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Importance of the regular dental check up and in office teeth cleaning

Importance of the regular dental check up and in office teeth cleaning as a part of the monitoring of your overall periodontal condition.

Regular routine dental office checkups, cleaning and polishing of the difficult spots that you can not reach with a normal toothbrush is very important. Usually you should do it every six months unless you advised by your dentist that you must go for it every four or free months in case that you already have some kind of periodontal problem. It is as much important as brushing and flossing of your teeth on a daily basis. During routine dental examination your dentist will also exam you oral cavity for early signs of potentially harmful medical conditions. For example, regular periodontal screening can detect poor nutrition and improper jaw alignment, as well as symptoms of diabetes, kidney disease, and oral cancer and so on.

Your periodontal health plays an important  role in your overall health. Poor gums and bone health can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and vice versa. Periodontal disease can irreversible damage to your dental health without proper  professional dental treatment. Periodontal treatment in Aurora Yonge Dental Center can help to prevent further damage to your teeth and gums.

Periodontal disease can occur without any symptoms. That is why the  periodontal screenings is a part of the routine dental check at Aurora Yonge Dental Centre. Your dentist will perform a periodontal screening during a routine dental checkup. Early detection of periodontal disease allows your dentist to provide treatments that will stop the progress of gum disease before extensive damage is done.

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