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Possible side effects and contraindications for the teeth whitening

Possible side effects and contraindications for the teeth whitening

“What are the consequences or side effects of the teeth whitening? Are any contraindications for the procedure?”-these are the questions we frequently asked by our patients at Aurora Yonge Dental.

The most common side effect of teeth whitening is the teeth sensitivity. Also, irritations of your gums which could occur in case of improper fitting of whitening trays or poor gum retraction during in office whitening procedure. Less common side effects might be a sore throat or pain in the jaws because of  long time tray use.

Teeth sensitivity majorly caused by the dehydration of the teeth enamel by some whitening agents. This sensitivity is generally mild, and usually discontinues in couple of days following the completion of the whitening procedure. The best way to avoid sensitivity is to use a fluoride gel or toothpaste for sensitive  teeth before and after the whitening treatment. In case of continues or severe sensitivity during or even after the whitening treatment you should contact your dentist and see him for the consultation.


Tooth whitening is not the best choice for you if:

Your dentist tells you that you have decayed teeth  in your mouth, those decayed teeth needs to be treated before the whitening.

You have gingivitis or periodontitis- gum diseases.

You teeth have abrasions, attritions or erosions. Defects of teeth enamel as a result of aggressive brushing, teeth grinding or improper diet with excessive  use of citrus fruits or carbonate drinks.

You are pregnant.

Summarizing all of the above we highly recommending to our patients at Aurora Yonge Dental  to get the consultation with a dental professional before even considering of any kind of the teeth whitening.

At Aurora Yonge Dental we using the most advanced whitening products trying to minimize undesirable side effects and discomfort for our patients .

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