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What are dental implants?

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium base metal. It is inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the natural tooth. An artificial replacement tooth is attached to the implant.

There is no contraindications for the placing dental implants such as age or any systemic disease. At the same time some  systemic diseases  such as diabetes lowering the success rank and increasing the chances for the complications after the surgery. If you have healthy gums and have enough bone in the jaw to hold an implant, dental implants might be right for you. If you have not enough bone at we may be able to have a bone graft to build up the bone. A bone graft is a way of adding new bone to your existing bone. We are performing those kind of surgical procedures at Aurora Yonge Dental Centre.

  • Before dental implants are done our doctors will carefully examine your mouth and take x-rays of your jaw and teeth to find out if dental implants are right for you. In most cases at Aurora Yonge Dental before the procedure we recommending to take special 3D x-ray called CBCT scan.


  • Procedure of the placement of dental implants have two stages.
  • During the first stage of surgery we will put a dental implant into your jawbone beneath the gum tissue.  As the tissue heals, the implant will bond with the bone and attach to the gum. It  take about 3- 4 months before we can proceed to the second, restorative stage .


  • During the second stage we will attach an abutment to the implant. An abutment is a post that connects the replacement tooth to the implant. An artificial replacement tooth is made and we attach it to the abutment.
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Also when  several teeth are missing, a fixed bridge is anchored to your dental implants. A bridge is a dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth by spanning an area that has no teeth. In case that all teeth are missing the denture could be made with the support of four or more dental implants.

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