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Everyone should acknowledge the importance of the regular oral cancer screening

At Aurora Yonge Dental the oral cancer screening is a part of the routine dental oral examination. Research showing that mouth cancer more common at the age over 40 and more commonly be seen in men then in women.

Mouth cancer may appear in many different forms and can affect the inside of your cheeks, mouth gingiva, tongue, palate and lips.

Mouth cancer can be presented as a painful or painless mouth ulcer that does not heal normally or as asymptomatic white or red patch on your tongue or the floor of your mouth.

Most cases of oral cancer are linked to tobacco and alcohol. Chewing tobacco is even more increasing you  chances to get the oral cancer. That habit which was popular in past among professional baseball players put them at high risk of oral cancer development compared to any other professional sportsmen.

Combination of alcohol and tobacco taken together increasing the risk of mouth cancer even more.

Over-exposure to sunlight can also increase the risk of cancer of the lips and the skin of the face.

Mouth cancer can often be spotted in its early stages by your dentist during routine oral dental examination.

Please remember the early stage diagnose of the oral cancer increasing the overall good prognosis and chances of a cure.

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