brushing tongue

Brushing tongue is a very important part of daily oral hygiene

As we have noticed during our patients hygiene appointments at Aurora Yonge Dental when it comes to oral hygiene most people focus only on their teeth, but not on brushing tongue .

Not all the people know that humans tongue is one of the main sources oral of the bacteria in your mouth. Different bacteria live on the rough surface of your tongue. After brushing of the teeth the bacteria from your tongue, if not brushed can invade your teeth again within a few hours.

Brushing the tongue not only removes the bacteria from it surface but it also helps to prevent bad breath.

After you brushed your teeth you should gently brush the entire surface of your tongue top and underneath portion. After brushing you can rinse you mouth with Listerine or any other kind of antibacterial rinse.

For the tongue brushing you can use your regular tooth brush or purchase the special one available at any drug store.

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